Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hologram Duels, Anyone?

Happy Duel Transer  and Hidden Arsenarelease day! For those of you who do not keep up with YGO releases, Although I do not own a Wii (I know, shoot me), there was something about the Duel Transer game that got my attention as soon as I heard about it. (You already know that I'm all for HA3.)

Duel Transer was supposed to be released alongside a new piece of hardware: The Duel Scanner. In short, it was a small machine that you put cards in. It would scan them and you could use them in-game. It saved the cards and added them into the player's card pool, essentially removing the 'code' part of customizing a virtual deck.  In theory, it transferred one's whole deck into the game.

In theory.

In practice, there were a LOT of limits on what can and cannot be used in this device. Promo cards, for example, were right out. There was a whole list of cards that could not be used in the Duel Scanner, and it was not at all pretty.

There were so many problems with the Duel Scanner that it went kaput. It is no longer being released today; Konami has not given any clear word on when its next scheduled release.  Now we don't know when it is coming out, but Konami says that they are fine-tuning it. (Pun not intended, by the way.)

Why is making the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game into a viable game using virtual monsters and real cards so hard for them? Not only has Japan had arcade-style terminals for ages (hell, Digimon had them before YGO), but somebody has already beaten them to the technology to make awesome virtual summons possible:

For those of you who do not already know what this video is, a while back, Sony made a card-battling video game called Eye of Judgment. It was made in 06-07, finally dying in '08. It flopped because it was way too easy to cheat with just the PlayStation Eye watching. Plus, people were probably agitating the monsters too much; if you poked an EoJ monster, it would react. Sweet; now bring it to a game that actually works.

If Konami could somehow make YGO work with this technology (maybe a 'retro edition' to limit the amount of monsters it would need to render), it would be the best card game in existence.  It would also conflict with the Duel Terminal cards as they are (the coding's on the back, apparently), although a combination of both types of technology would be beyond awesome. It would be just like Kazuki Takahashi intended.

OK, throw in Wi-Fi Duel Disks. THEN it would be just like Kaz intended. (C'mon, Konami! YOU CAN DO IT!)


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