Monday, February 15, 2010


Have you ever received a Bakugan (or other merchandise) from eBay that just...didn't seem right? Now I know what it feels like.Hong Kong is churning out fake Bakugan.

Check out the pic below:

OK, first off, I had ordered a Subterra Storm Skyress, not a Ventus. That made me WTF, but something was still off when I tried to open the Skyress I did receive.

The first thing that tipped me off to this one's authenticity or lack thereof was the fact that her crest did not come out. Period. Also, the paint job is SHODDY and she does not open well. She does not bear the markings of other fake Bakugan, but she came from Hong Kong, so there is the possibility that she is either a fake or a factory reject.

Now, I've seen another auction or two NOT from Hong Kong with the jungle green Skyress in question, but the paint job, texture, and fact that the crest does NOT come out still say that this is a fake.

I also recently got some fake Digimon cards. It was IMPOSSIBLE to tell in the auction. It was, however, obvious when I got the cards - the backs of every type of card were different, the set numbers DID NOT EXIST, and the numbers were way too big.

"Caveat emptor": A rule of the internet.

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