Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reshiram tin + Aiming for a 3DS.


Yep. I'm still alive. Barely. Was taking advantage of my new Toshiba (going with me to Rome) and got a new card tin at Target, so up it goes on my card game blog. 

For starters, I am sorely disappointed in ALL of Reshiram's arts for the first Black and White set. The tin promo looks like crap (but I love Reshiram), the first Reshiram (let's call it Reshi 1) looks a lot like the promo in a different pose, and the super-shiny premium art is put to shame not only for looking like something Sugimori would draw, but also for not looking as nice as, say, Primes, Lv. X's, or Ex's. I don't usually like the CG look that those cards have, but the graphic design overall is that much better. Hell, the Neo Destiny Shiny Pokemon and YGO Ultimate Rares would look more epic than that Reshiram. What a disappointing premium!

Hell, THIS looks cooler than any of the Reshiram cards so far.

The tin yielded a Zoroark and Emboar. Not too bad, there!

Second order of business: My DS has been spazzing out again. Since I'm not one of those types who ALWAYS gets the latest and greatest tech, I'm up the creek without a paddle for a bit. I do not know when/if DS-tan will recover, so, in tow with the keeping up with the times that I have been doing recently, I am looking for donations for a shiny new 3DS. If you are feeling generous, please click the button below:

(Just a rough guesstimate: If 25 people donate ten bucks each, I will have enough to afford the black 3DS. Any excess money will go towards making sure awesome people receive cool card game-related merch.)

There's something in it for you, too. I have seen people selling Pokemon -not games, not toys, little bits of Pokemon game data - on eBay. With too much excess stock from my projects, it makes sense to offer them as thank-you gifts for donations. :3

Donation gift Pokemon: 

First of all, I do not hack. All of the Pokemon up for grabs are legitimate. I do, however, know a few people with Action Replays, so if you would like a special item (such as an EV-reducing or pinch Berry) it's fine to request such.  Repeat: Pokemon below are legit, but Nintendo can be a DOUCHEBAG when it comes to things like Berries.

Current Breeding Project Extras:

(Male) Riolu with 31 ATK and/or Speed. 
(Male) Zorua with 31 HP,  SATK and/or Speed. A select few of my males have 31 in all 3 stats.
(Either sex) Pichu with 31 in HP, SATK, or Speed. 
(Either sex) Mienfoo with 31 ATK or Speed.
(Mostly female) Bellsprout, some of which have 31 ATK or Speed.
(Male) Snivy with 31 ATK, DEF, SATK, and/or Speed.  Yes, I bred a LOT of Snivy and will do more until I get two-three perfect snakes.
Feebas/Milotic. A lot. I mean that; there are several dozen on my Sapphire (enough to occupy three boxes). No guarantees, but if you want to get your hands on an easy female or easy Milotic, consider it done.

Future Projects (i.e. the sooner you donate, the sooner I can get cracking):

Drought Vulpix - High chance of getting a female, guaranteed to have Hypnosis and at least 1 IV in 31. Comes with a free Fire Stone.
Drizzle Poliwag - Can't make any guarantees yet, but I have some good Water stock to work with.
Eevees - Soon, I will be working on an Umbreon strain with 31 in HP/ATK, if not 4 stats in 31. After that, Leafeon. Espeon/Jolteon-friendly Eevees will be next.
Growlithe with Close Combat and/or Crunch. 31 in ATK and/or Speed.
Misdreavus, IV's uncertain. 
Absol with 31 ATK and/or Speed. Speed doesn't matter much when one has Sucker Punch, but still.
More Snivy. Yep.

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