Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wait a sec...what?

It occurred to me yesterday that, fir whatever reason, Isis doesn't have a card in YGO. A game that has a shitload to do with Egyptian mythology doesn't have the principal goddess that managed to get worshiped across the Hellenic world, by both sexes (which can't be said for the Greek goddesses, 90% of the time), and appears in at least 3 of the ancient romance novels I had to read. They did her darker, lesser-known sister Nephthys, but not her.

That bugs the hell out of me.

The only reasons that I can think of concerning her absence in the game:

1. The series has a character named Isis. This could be dodged in any number of ways; the pseudo God Cards (Horus the Black Flame Dragon, The Creator, Phoenix God of Nephthys, and End of Anubis) are never seen in the series, and if Wikipedia is telling the truth, "Isis" is actually a mispronunciation anyways. O.o

2. She's not patriarchal enough. Fertility goddesses tend to get the short end of the stick in this game, but I've seen Isis equated to every goddess in the Greek pantheon. She has magic (and a HUGE cult in later times) going for her, and could no doubt make for an interesting Winged Beast or Beast card. Reptiles are also a possibility; Isis is sometimes shown handling the cobra of Wadjet (another very powerful, feminine goddess). You can imagine how thrilled I get at the mere mention of snake handling. XD

3. Her worship DID come into prominence later. This doesn't daunt her status as an Egyptian icon at all.

Oh, well. This just makes me dislike Konami more...

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