Thursday, May 13, 2010

5-13 NCS: I FINALLY Flipped Konami the Bird.

Behold! I not only pulled something shiny, but flipped Konami the bird afterward! *Insert Final Fantasy victory music here.* Yeah, I was tempted to get that 5.99 Crossroads of Chaos 3-pack, but I'd probably get a junk foil anyways. You know, even though it had a really good vibe...

...It was 5.99 for a reason.


  1. IMOUTO-CHAAAN so naughty.

    That bird shiny card was actually quite pretty, what is it?

    *cant wait to see the random cards you pulled out for me*

  2. It was a Ho-oh. I could get you one, if you like.

    Must get top half of Legendary Beast card...nyuuurrr...