Monday, June 7, 2010

6/7/10 NCS + Konami did something right.

Decent pulls this time, too...and awesome sleeves are awesome! Seriously, Konami, PROPS on finally making these! They have been in Japan since "Tactical Evolution," so it's good to see them finally bringing the tradition over. There are also Majestic/Savior Star Dragon sleeves out somewhere for you 5D's fans. Cool.

Before you ask...Ai-sama ordered me to buy those sleeves. Yep.


  1. BEWD sleeves? Neat : D

    Hey I have a question I should have asked a long time ago. You have some Bella Sara cards so you know the size of them-- I have not found any trading card binder sleeves that they properly fit in. I had a couple of types in my binder(s) and one of them well, they can FIT, but a bit of them sticks out on the top. And they don't even begin to fit in the other ones.

    Also any regular size card sleeves it's the same thing, the bit on top is always poking out. Do you know of anything they would fit into? They're such a random size.

  2. Ultimate Dragon, actually. :D BEWD sleeves would be KICKASS, though; there's a lot of cool art to choose from!

    My guess is that Bella Sara cards are European standard size. They do make sleeves for that, but not sure how easy they are to get...