Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Raikou Tin + God Card Set Released!

Raikou likes me. It really likes me! Seriously, that Lugia piece and the promos just paid for the whole tin. Breaking even, if not profiting, is a real joy!

On another note, Konami released both the God Card + Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes, and Dark Magician set and the Marik Structure Deck recently. If you're a fan of the old Yu-Gi-Oh! series, check those out. The Marik Deck has a much-awaited common Mirror Force (seriously, it's about damn time) and the God Card Master Collection has...three of the most popular monsters from the old series and God Cards.

I would actually recommend getting the God Cards now, even if you just want them as collector's pieces. That's what they are: Collectibles. Nothing else. They are three of the most solid investments in YGO. If it ever goes under, those cards will still be valuable. Right now, they are about ten times cheaper than I have seen them in the past. Even with this sudden reprint, they will mean a lot to fans of the original series.

Hopefully, the case will be the same for the reprints of Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes and Dark Magician. There are still fans of those monsters, too.

The only thing really bad about these reprints is that Konami made no rarity changes. At all. The God Cards and the other three monsters have all been printed as Ultra Rares already. It would not have hurt to at least give them snazzy text to set them apart...but eh, the DB Blue-Eyes is still holding fairly steady. I'm not too worried; it was still an excellent move in their part.

Coming up: Pokemon Black and White: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Nintendo's increasing furry tendencies in Pokemon and the things that YGO fanfic writers do HORRIBLY wrong.

Also, holy crap did I fail that test at number conversions. At least the rest of the course looks like it's in fairly plain English. Gonna be nabbing a LOT of spare points next week!

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