Monday, January 17, 2011

NCS 1/17/10 - A friendly message.

Steelix Prime was my main good pull this time. That, the promo Latias and the coin will pay for the pack. Knew I could count on you, Raikou!

As a friendly reminder, starting today, the Shiny Entei that unlocks the Zoroark event will be available at GameStop. This Entei is Adamant-natured and comes with the moves Flare Blitz and Extremespeed, essentially making it a super-powered Arcanine. Now to soft reset like crazy and make sure that Kan'u has awesome stats. (A shame that I did not have my Diamond with me - then I could have gotten two.) Go get it if you have HG/SS, Diamond, or Plat!

Speaking of Pokemon...I FINALLY BEAT THE HALL! Breeding obscenely strong Salamence finally paid off! Now for a female Umbreon...*Evil laugh.*

 P.S.- Love Day chocolate rocks. Ghirardelli FINALLY did strawberry chocolate!

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