Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5D's Monster Collection?

Wow, I can't believe something like this nearly went under the radar. O.o; I found a few of these new figures on eBay, nosed around via Google, and so forth. Here's the result:

The Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Monster Figure Collection features the 5 main dragons in the series: Stardust, Red Daemon's, Black Rose, Power Tool, and Ancient Fairy. Each (presumably random) box comes with a small model and a Duelist Terminal-compatible card.

Listen well, Konami: You should bring this over to the States right now.

This makes me happy on SO MANY LEVELS. For one thing, it's great to see more merch, even if it is for 5D's; merch like these figurines is more likely to retain its value than just the card, which might get reprinted at any time. The card itself is pretty special, too - it's compatible with Duel Terminals. That's ALWAYS a perk! Sweet deal is sweet!

Still, I kinda wish they had done this a bit sooner. The technology was there, but nooo- they had to make GX crap. Also, it kinda sucks that the figures look like HK bootlegs, but I'm not complaining. This is a good investment, and I definitely wouldn't mind a case of these.

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