Sunday, February 21, 2010

NCS + WTF, Nintendo?

Yes, that Royal Knights deck is for the biggest RK fan I know, Mistress-of-Air. :) Finland never got the Digimon CCG, perhaps with good reason. It was a well thought-out game, but Bandai's crap advertising and that it looked like an improvised YGO ripoff would have raised a few eyebrows.

It's a shame; Bandai can be REALLY good at subtle product placement when they try. Case in point: The Digivice. At first glance, would you ever suspect that it started with a digital pet?

As for Pokemon, yeah, Nintendo was fairly subtle about that, too. Merch plugging is not their main goal. However...

The art for their recent cards has been either terrible or great. NO in-between. I personally hate the look of their Pokemon Prime; the perspective is all off, the Pokemon look like they're gonna poke us in the face, and the eye gleam just...doesn't do anything. The Legends look pretty, but did they really need to stress the 'elemental' bit so much? What're they going to do with Psychics, Dragons, and other elements that are hard to emphasize in art?

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