Monday, November 1, 2010

So...Let me get this straight...

Jack Atlas is fighting a bad Monferno knockoff. He and Yusei summon the miraculous power of evil-looking Quetzalcoatl (really, subbers? You couldn't catch that reference in a series about Aztec art?) to create an "impossible" monster not only of immense power, but using the power of his enemy. Said monster consists of horrible CGI on par with that of the Battle Spirits anime, only doing something remotely cool when summoned or attacking. Then, deus ex machina dragon gets them both out of the crumbling building...or something.

Now I remember why I stopped watching Yu-Gi-Oh!. No, that Scar-Red Nova Dragon really doesn't look any cooler animated, but at least I got a better view of its four wings. (What? I like wings.)

(I was going to do something on why dragon advertising nauseates me, but this works, too.)

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