Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jumping the Shark - err, Dragon.

Congrats, YGO:5D's. You have officially jumped the shark. You have also proven that, by doing so, YGO is in fact a Glass Canon.

For those of you not in the know, there were, pretty much from the get-go, supposed to be only 5 Signers. 5 Signers, 5 Dragons - thus 5D's. Pictured above is the sixth Signer.

As of January 5th, Leo/Rua, brother of Luna/Ruka (the Signer connected to Ancient Fairy Dragon) is also a Signer himself. He bears the Heart of the Crimson Dragon on his arm (yeah, apparently birthmarks conveniently appear and reappear in this universe) and his signature card is the long-awaited 5th Dragon, Life Stream Dragon.

Wait a sec. Wasn't Black-Winged Dragon supposed to be one of the five, too? Crow has a Signer mark and everything. BWD participated in at least one ancient battle. It was, on all counts, a legitimate Signer dragon.

Now, just to be clear, there were a few hints that Leo could have been a Signer. There was a moment early on in the series when Luna said that Leo was a Signer just to cheer him up. He also had traces of his sister's magical powers. Power Tool Dragon even looks very similar to Life Stream Dragon.

Life Stream Dragon was legit from Day 1,  so why the extra mark? If anything, Black-Winged Dragon is extraneous. It's like a sixth digit on a human hand - unsightly and unnecessary. It does not look at all like the 5th dragon seen in flashbacks, even though it had a few flashbacks of its own. The series is called 5D's, not 6D's. If another Signer had died (for good), this would not have been so disappointing.

Konami, do you realize what you have done? You have given fanfic writers a blank check for madness. Now that you've made the Heart of the Dragon a viable mark, what's keeping people from using the lungs or spleen as fanfic fodder?

Does this thing even HAVE a heart? Or a spleen?

Whatever faith I had in 5D's just got shattered. Ra help us all. I'd trust Mega Ultra Chicken before THAT abomination.

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