Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crazy Little Projects.

I love shiny things. Really, I do. That goes triple for shiny, shiny trading cards with cool monsters on them like Pokemon. The reverse-holos included in every pack are why Nintendo owns a chunk of my soul, still. (Eff you for not doing the same, Konami; it is so good for TCGs/CCGs on so many levels.) Go figure I would think up a few projects to do with them.

Project 1: A collection of the HG/SS base reverse-holo. So far, I have 19 of the RH-print cards, including all but 1 Prime, as well as a snazzy binder reserved juuust for this project. Kinda pathetic seeing as I don't know anyone around who plays the game. Will create a new entry when a bunch of HG/SS RHs I traded for come in.

Project 2: Bling your deck! In Pokemon, it is theoretically possible to have a deck composed entirely of shiny cards. The goal of this one is to make a copy of the "Green Tornado" deck entirely out of foil cards - even the Energy cards will sparkle! Started yesterday when I was tempted to put up a lot of B/W RH's, only to realize that hrrrrm, I could make a deck of 60 shiny cards.Again, this is kinda pathetic because my game store is too stupid to pick up a multi-billion dollar franchise with a much better game than YGO.

Plus, it looks great on this blog. Now I actually have something to do on it besides open card packs and bitch about how dragons are ruining the world!

Of course, the 3DS is still more important at this point. I never want to be on a long flight/road trip without Pokeymanz again. Plus, it's another means of accessing the interwebs, and seeing how both of my comps are sick, I could use as many of those means as possible. In all likelihood, the DS repair guy is gonna say my old system's gonna need like...100 bucks' worth of repairs, at which point I best get a new system anyways.

Also, I have no idea how texting charges work. So much for using the 'net on my phone.

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