Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pot of Duality...WOW. + Thoughts on the latest JPN set.

So I was clicking around ShriekTCG randomly when looking at what I could possibly get from Gold Series 4. There were a lot of comments about "Pot of Duality" that must have been posted before the set was released. "Pot of Duality, Pot of Duality, Pot of Duality" kept coming up.

So I finally looked up "Pot of Duality." Good card. Secret Rare. Worth 70 bucks or so on eBay.


Did you not learn your lesson from Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder, and Crush Card Virus? Making good cards like that so very hard to get is why people don't like you. At least you had the sense to reprint Pot of Duality decently quickly, and Mirror Force is now easy as pie to get.
Can't believe I'm going to binge on a Leviath Dragon Tin for Pot of Duality and Dark Simorgh alone.

Speaking of, I did not expect that I would like the latest set from Japan NEARLY as much as I do. I officially want to make a Blue-Eyes White Rabbit deck FOR TEH LULZ (Rabbi-Dragon will get its own blog entry soon).  The Evols look like they might be a fun theme to get used to Xyz's with, and I dig the DNA helix in all their tails. The shadow lizard thing and Light Serpent must be mine. Looking forward to seeing this set in English, as well as my own Leviath tin at some point.


Oh, and please don't hesitate to donate to my 3DS collector's White DSi fund. In short, I had a change of plans due to 1. shortage of funds and 2. a desire to see one of my friends get Pokemon White. Help me and a friend by pitching in! See you all again when stuff starts happening!

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