Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breaking Even: Part 2 - Tin Wars

To demonstrate how easy it is to break even in Pokemon, I went out and got an Arceus tin today. I will also be blogging my YGO-playing brother's pulls; there is a VERY slim chance that he will come close to breaking even.


Arceus Lv X (Meteor Blast) ($6-8)
Salamence (~$3.00)
RH Gengar (Lv. 46) ($2-3)
Manectric lv 46 ($1)
Bastiodon (Lv. 56) ($1)
Gallade Lv55 (~$3.00)
Buffer Piece (RH, $1.25)
Spinda (RH) ($1)
Skitty (RH) ($1)

So, let's add this all up:
6+3+2+1+1+3+1.25+1+1= 19.25

That's approximately what the tin cost, if not a LITTLE bit higher. Konami, your time is nigh...

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