Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Collectible Dog Tags?

So, besides the mind-scarring bath products, I found something else interesting and Bakugan-related: Collectible dog tags.

I love dog tags. I love the chains that come with them. The clasps aren't super-fragile (like some jewelery latches are), and you can put all sorts of cool things on the tags. They also don't look particularly girly, despite the fact that they are indeed necklaces.

This is certainly not the first time I have invested in such dog tags. Somewhere, floating around in the mire of chaos called my bedroom, there is a Megatron tag and trading card. There is also a Birdramon tag that I need to re-find. Point is, they're cool, so I was excited to see trading packs with Bakugan characters. ^_^

I got a pack...and pulled a "Luminous" (i.e. glitter finish) Preyas tag + a bunch of Dragonoid stickers. Not bad, but I dunno...it feels like they could have done something besides glitter. Glow-in-the-dark tags would have been AWESOME. It's also kinda weird that the trading card didn't match the tag, but I suppose that was done for variety's sake. More randomness = more cash.

Also, for some reason, they left out Runo and Julie's monsters entirely. Is something NOT cool about tigers and golems, or do I detect a hint of sexism? Hrrrrmmm...

On a side note, someone needs to use this tag + trading card strategy to promote Claymore...C'mon, SJ. You know you want in on this. These things are made extra cheaply in China. XP

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