Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I...I just don't KNOW anymore...



I like dragons. It's an interest that gamers tend to have. However, the emphasis on dragons in YGO has always bugged me; almost every theme seems to have one, and today, my suspicions that Konami was very highly dragon-centric were confirmed in the most vomit-inducing way possible.

They messed with Rainbow Dragon.

This just took my favorite dragon in the game and made it look like a pile of shit. I realize that they were probably basing off of that drawing of the Piasa bird, but EW. Even the Piasa would have looked more awesome than Sin Rainbow Dragon. Just...ugh.

One of the things that I really liked about Rainbow Dragon was that it had feathery wings. (Another thing was that it was an amphiptere, Quetzalcoatl, divine serpent...whatever ya wanna call it.)

Seriously, Rainbow Dark and Chthonian Emperor Dragon were not enough? How shilly can you get, Konami?

Moreover, it looks like all 10 of these cards are gonna be freakin' dragons. BIASED MUCH? Where the hell's a GRYPHON? I realize that it's their sandbox and they can do what they want in it, but they are pushing it by making all the Sin cards dragons. There have been only one or two unicorns, and a sprinkling of other fantasy creatures, but dragons seriously overwhelm the fantastic animal population.

For instance, there is not a single gryphon.

We have been waiting for a Gryphon for over ten years. The Winged Dragon of Ra looks like a gryphon on its tablet. "Gryphon Wing" and " Gryphon's Feather Duster" both hint that, somewhere, there must be an effing gryphon. Gallis does not count; close, but no cigar (note: its name implies that it should actually be chicken-like, of all things...O.o). How hard is it to pull a P.T. Barnum and stitch a lion and an eagle together? Hell, they've already done it on the cards mentioned before; draw that creature again and make it an actual monster. It demands life.

I seriously wonder why the hell I even bother blogging Konami's latest craptacular dragon cards. Somebody wake me when they start making cards like the ones from SOD-FET.

('Inverse Theory' should be my next blog post...)

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