Saturday, January 9, 2010

I splurged.

Again. Because the J-rock told me to.

No, seriously, I found an Ancient Fairy Dragon tin and could not resist taking the flying serpent home with me. I also had some confidence that, hey, maybe my luck wouldn't be so bad; my brother's tin had fairly decent pulls.


The only foils I got were an Ultimate Flamvell Commando and a Super called " Swallow Flip." I know someone who'll want the Sunlight Unicorn, but beyond that...ick. If there is one thing I have learned from this game, it's that looking up the value of Normal Rares and commons is a waste of time; they are so common that, even if they're playable, they aren't worth much. YGO packs are hit or miss like that; only the Rare is worth anything, and even that's pretty darn chancy.

One thing that I definitely have to throw Konami a bone for doing, however, is putting card sleeves in their tins. It's such a shame that they're in packs of 40 instead of 50 (the standard amount anyways) - very few duelists I know have 40-card decks, and with the Extra Deck becoming more and more important, decks with exactly 40 cards are less and less likely. WTF, Konami?

Still, it's obvious that they're trying to please their player base. I remember when they didn't give two shits about us. When they did aim to please, the American player base got greedy (as all YGO players are, to some degree), and we wound up just a little baby step away from square one again. I have had nigh-constant gripes with this game for a multitude of reasons besides luck; that is a rant for another day.

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