Sunday, March 7, 2010

New NCS + Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: More than meets the eye?

NIKE! I hate to sound like a TOTAL girl, but pretty horsie is pretty! Pegasi (including winged alicorns) have always been my favorite members of the fantastic horse family, and Nike up there is no exception. Nike's foil is also AWESOME!

On another note, posts on dA and shared links have told me that YGO 5D's is actually a decent series. The first episode and the monster designs did not impress me, but the characters and monsters seem to receive substantial development.

Yes, characters and monsters. Apparently Stardust and BRD have a love/hate rivalry going, and AFD has a backstory. It seems solidly written, but I will try my best to avoid it until it is complete. There is no telling when the writing will suddenly turn sour.

Also, no matter HOW well-written the series is, Konami is handling it the wrong way. You have marketable monsters, good characters with decent, themed decks, and a new game mechanic to pimp, but what do they do with all that? Churn out Yusei product after Yusei product after Yusei product, make cards unrelated to the series crappy, and do not seem to realize how badly their Synchro mechanic has affected the game. They are doing a lot of things right- if only they would go back to slimming the gap between collectors and players.

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